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At Removals and Movers, we believe in fast, efficient and affordable service. All you need to do is provide clear access (hallways, stairs, etc.) and we’ll deliver the best for less.

Whatever it is you need: packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking, our staff members are ready for the challenge and can move your:

  • Furniture
  • Piano
  • Pool table
  • Entire home or office!

Here’s how we do it;

Last Minute Bookings

In most cases we can arrange a truck at just one hour’s notice. So if you need to move something in a hurry, give us a call.

Bigger Trucks

By using larger removals trucks, we can cut down the number of return trips to save you valuable time and money. We also have a second truck standing by in case you need the extra space.

Flexible Service

We won’t charge extra is you need to change the date or time of your move. We take the time to understand our clients and we offer flexibility and fast response times.

Minimum Charge

Unlike other removals companies, we provide a 1 hour minimum charge to hold down costs on smaller jobs.

Handyman Services

Do you need someone to help dismantle a table or bookcase? No problem. Our friendly team can assist in all handyman tasks to help you get prepared and get moving! We’ll also help you pack if required.

Pianos and more!

If you have a large object to move, such as a piano, we can relocate it safely and easily. Just let us know what you need.


Removals and Movers provides cartons, tape and bubble wrap to help you protect your property during the move. Mirrors, TVs, Stereos and other items will be packed carefully by our team, to ensure they arrive safely and in one piece.

Fixed Prices

Once we quote a price, we stick to it, that’s the promise from Removals and Movers. Call us today for an obligation-free chat so we can help you plan your move.

We’ll also offer some sound advice and tips on making it the easiest relocation you’ve ever made.

Removals and Movers

Moving You For Less

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we are engaged in our life that we have no time for ourselves; it seems to be nothing in front of work. The time is so going furiously, the thing matters when we transfer from one place to the other place. Life becomes disordered. Service sector in some phase has made it easy to relocate the goods without any tension and worries. The things remain safe and secure but still according to the requirement, we go for the cheapest and the best. Therefore, Melbourne Removalist provides us. It is an easy way source and the efficient source to relocate the house, piano, pool table or other small and big stuff. We have seen the difficulties many years ago that people has to do it by their own, and damages occurrence was always be there. “Removers & Movers” company has made and become one of the finest companies in Melbourne to support us for the relocation of goods. There are professionals who work for us. Packing and relocating the goods and then transporting it to their destination at a given time. We are promising you to give our best service in many ways. We Melbourne Removalist are there for you 24/7 times, any day any time